DIY for Your Soul Radio – Second Chances – Recovering From and Learning to Thrive after Seemingly Ruinous Situations

Click Here - Listen Now - SmallWe all have experiences in our past where we wish we hadn’t said or done something. Occasionally, that experience has been so traumatizing that we fear we might never recover from it. Many of us go through life carrying around guilt and shame from the past, so much so that it affects every choice that we make. We hold on to secrets because we are sure that, if someone found out, we might never be able to look that person in the face again. We fear that we would never get a second chance.

In this episode, you will hear my interview with the former governor of New Jersey, James McGreevey on the subject of, Second Chances – Recovering From and Learning to Thrive after Seemingly Ruinous Situations.

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You may remember Governor McGreevey from his 2004 national press conference where he resigned from office and announced to the world “My truth is that I am a gay American.” You may also have read his book, The Confession, where he literally laid bare his soul for all of the world to disect.

It has been nearly 10 years since that pronouncement and much has changed since then, both for him personally and in the world in general. He is now the Executive Director of the Jersey City Employment & Training Program and has been instrumental in creating a city run program focused on assisting former inmates on returning to society. He has found a way to move through the past use his experiences to serve a population that often gets overlooked in our society, women who are addicts, and ex convicts who are coming out of the penal system and trying to make it in mainstream society.

It was a facinating conversation and nothing was off limits. And my hope is that his experiences, and the work he does today, can show us, that no matter what we’ve done in the past, there are second chances in life and that we can recover and live happy and fulfilling lives.

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