DIY for Your Soul Podcast – Control

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08/23/2015   DIY for Your Soul Podcast – Control
Many of us try to mold other people into being who we want them to be, or expecting them to think and act as we see fit. In other words, we resort to control.Many of us will dispute the fact that we are exhibiting controlling tendencies. We will argue that we just have another’s best interest at heart. We just want them to be happy. But in reality, we want them to conform to our world view to make ourselves happy.In this podcast, we come to recognize control as the illusion that it is. We learn that it is best to live our lives and let others do the same.Doing so, will likely require us to deal with some of our own fears and anxieties, but if we want to live truly happy and healthy lives, we’re going to have to do that anyway. And in the end, it allows us to form relationships based in mutual acceptance instead of everyone having to mold themselves to fit someone else’s desires.

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