DIY for Your Soul Podcast – Embracing Diversity

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Embracing Diversity

08/09/2015   DIY for Your Soul Podcast – Embracing Diversity
Humans tend to fear things that are dissimilar, especially when we’ve never been exposed to these things. It is likely just part of human nature to gravitate towards those things in our comfort zones.This tendency to stick with what we know, doesn’t serve us though. It keeps us trapped in a very small worldview. It limits our choices and options. It breeds disharmony.In reality, we would all likely be much better off if we faced our fears of those things that are different from us. We’d find life so much easier to navigate if we just learned that diversity isn’t something to avoid, it’s something to embrace.In this podcast we discover that diversity in people, different skin colors, different cultures, different religions, different opinions, is what makes life interesting. If we were all exactly the same, life would be monotonous. By embracing our differences, instead of trying to make everyone conform to our ways of thinking and acting, we are better able to create much more interesting lives for ourselves.

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