September 2015 Schedule for the weekly DIY for Your Soul Podcast

Announcing the September 2015 Schedule for the weekly DIY for Your Soul Podcast.

DIY Weekly Podcast

September 2015

09/06/2015   DIY for Your Soul Podcast – Manipulation
We all have our own issues that we bring to the table. In many instances, our issues clash. Each of us is playing out our issues never thinking of what affect it has on those around us. We are too absorbed own personal mythology.

In the podcast about Control, we looked the human tendency to want to hold sway over our fellow man. We talked about how we try to get those around us, especially those who we are closest to, who are different in some way, to be the people we want them to be – to believe, think and act in a manner that we deem correct.

But most people don’t like to be controlled. When it becomes obvious that this is what we are up to, they tend to put up a fight – or they play along, but do what they want to do anyway. So we have to change tactics. We find subtler ways of exerting our power over them.

In this podcast, we’re diving a little deeper into the subject of control. We’re looking at the tool many of us use to try influence others into being who we want them to be. We’re talking about manipulation, and how it may work in the short term, but in the long term, it’s usually disastrous.

09/13/2015   DIY for Your Soul Podcast – An Expectation is a Premeditated Resentment
There are many reasons we find ourselves wishing that things were different than what they are. One is that we tend to judge most things, especially in terms of good and bad. We want to experience only what we deem good and keep the bad at bay.

We compare and despair, mistaking what we see on the outside as truth, not realizing that things aren’t often as they seem. We might begin to think that something is wrong with us. We take on a woe is me attitude and soon find ourselves down in the dumps. If asked what’s wrong, we’re likely to say we are just unhappy.

What we are ultimately talking about here are expectations. We are talking about our need for things, people, situations and life itself to show up in the manner that we desire, so that we can then be happy. And because things, people, situations and life itself often don’t show up exactly as we expect them to, we often find ourselves in a state of unhappiness.

In this podcast, we’re talking about how our need for certain outcomes, our expectations, keeps us from experiencing the sense of well being and happiness we so desire. We’re being reminded that we must stop waiting for everything to show up like we think it should and learn to take things as they come. We’re discovering that an expectation, is a premeditated resentment.

09/20/2015   DIY for Your Soul Podcast – More Alike Than Not
In the podcast entitled, embracing diversity, we delved into the idea that it is our differences that ultimately make life more interesting and make us stronger in the long run.

But when people behave in ways that don’t fit our desires, or our cultural or societal norms, we shun them. We tend to want everyone to be the same, to fall into an accepted mold. But in doing so, we fail to realize that this would thwart our individual and collective growth. And the ironically is, for all of our differences, we are probably more alike than we realize.

In this podcast, we’re taking the idea of embracing diversity one step further. We’re learning that for as different as we all are, and as much as those differences make life interesting, when it all comes down to it, we’re far more alike than not.

And by accepting that we are more alike than not, we become better able to create lasting relationships, and a sense of belonging. We create an atmosphere where true community can exist, which fosters the kind of growth that leads us towards the life of our dreams.

09/27/2015   DIY for Your Soul Podcast – Learning to Love Your Scars
We all have moments in our lives that we wish never happened. We’ve all been through situations that we would never want to go back and do again. And due to these difficult experiences, most of us likely have scars, physical and emotional, that we wish we didn’t have. Often times we hold on to the hurt that caused the scars; particularly when caused by other people.

In this podcast, we’re looking at how the negative events we experienced in our lives, and the negative messages we took in from other, as a way to define ourselves, left scars that we not only need to accept, but that we also need to learn to embrace.

And in the process of doing so, we’re likely to see what life lessons they hold for us. We can begin to ask ourselves, Who might you not have been today if it weren’t for the rough patches? And when we put them into their proper perspective, and see where they brought us, we might even actually begin to be grateful for them. We might even learn to love them.

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