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More Alike Than Not


09/20/2015   DIY for Your Soul Podcast – More Alike Than Not
In the podcast entitled, embracing diversity, we delved into the idea that it is our differences that ultimately make life more interesting and make us stronger in the long run.

But when people behave in ways that don’t fit our desires, or our cultural or societal norms, we shun them. We tend to want everyone to be the same, to fall into an accepted mold. But in doing so, we fail to realize that this would thwart our individual and collective growth. And the ironically is, for all of our differences, we are probably more alike than we realize.

In this podcast, we’re taking the idea of embracing diversity one step further. We’re learning that for as different as we all are, and as much as those differences make life interesting, when it all comes down to it, we’re far more alike than not.

And by accepting that we are more alike than not, we become better able to create lasting relationships, and a sense of belonging. We create an atmosphere where true community can exist, which fosters the kind of growth that leads us towards the life of our dreams.

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